Die 6 Must-haves für das ultimative Mini Camper-Abenteuer

Die 6 Must-haves für das ultimative Mini Camper-Abenteuer

Immer mehr Menschen entdecken die Freiheit des Campings und entscheiden sich für Abenteuer auf Rädern. Ob mit einem MiniCamper oder einem Auto als Wohnmobil umgebaut, das Reisen mit dem eigenen mob...

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CAMPINGCamping für Senioren: Tipps für einen Campingurlaub in der Natur

Camping for seniors: tips for a camping holiday in nature

Here we explain why camping is a popular form of holiday for seniors and what tips we have for a relaxing holiday.

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CAMPINGCamping-Grundausstattung – diese Dinge gehören auf die Camping-Checkliste

Camping essentials - these things belong on the camping checklist

In our camping checklist we have listed everything you should not forget on your next camping trip.

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CAMPINGSauberes Geschirr nach Abwasch, gestapelt auf einem Tisch, im Hintergrund ein Camper

Camping sink: a must-have for every outdoor fan

Cooking and eating outdoors is a highlight for many when camping or doing outdoor activities. But who hasn't experienced this: after the meal, pots, pans and dishes pile up and need to be cleaned. ...

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CAMPINGCamping-Trends 2023: Von Campingausstattung bis Happy-Place-Destinations

Camping Trends 2023: From camping equipment to happy place destinations

2023 will be another year of the camping boom: the thirst for adventure, the joy of outdoor activities and the desire for flexible travel are growing unchecked. In this article, you can find out wh...

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CAMPING7 Tipps zum Wassersparen im Camper

7 tips for saving water in the camper

When you are on the road with your campervan, you are faced with various challenges that are totally self-evident for us in privileged Germany. Among other things, the topic of water and especiall...

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CAMPINGSpannende Statistiken & Trends: Camping-Verhalten der Deutschen

Exciting Statistics & Trends: Camping Behavior of the Germans

Whether by motor home, caravan or camper - Germans love camping vacations! Reasons why many people favor camping and exciting facts about the travel behavior of the Germans, you will learn in this ...

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CAMPING5 Tipps für die Stellplatzsuche mit dem Camper

5 tips for finding a parking space with the camper

You've bought a camper or motorhome and now you want to travel the world. Everything is packed, you sit down in your new vehicle and off you go. But wait a minute. Where to in the first place? Camp...

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CAMPINGCheckliste - Wohnmobil/Wohnwagen winterfest machen

Checklist - winterize your camper/caravan

After a great time in your caravan or motorhome, summer is over and winter is just around the corner. So that you can enjoy your vehicle just as much next year, it is important to take a few preca...

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CAMPINGBeim Wildcamping lässt sich Gebirgslandschaft mit Blick auf den See wunderbar genießen

Wild camping Europe: What is allowed and what is not?

In this article you will find out how long you can wild camp, where and how.

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