You have a question about BOXIO, your toilet or another order? Have a look at the frequently asked questions to see if your answer is already there.

Order and shipping

How long after the purchase can I order a reorder?

You can usually place a reorder with BOXIO at any time as long as the product is available. However, the sooner you place the reorder, the more likely it is that you will be matched to your original order. This will save you the shipping costs of the second order.

How do I get an invoice?

To receive an invoice for your order, you can contact BOXIO customer service. They will send you your invoice electronically or by mail.

How does the payment method "Payment in advance" work?

If you choose the payment method "Payment in advance" at BOXIO, please transfer the invoice amount in advance to the specified account. As soon as the payment is received, your order will be processed and shipped.

Which payment methods can I use at BOXIO?

BOXIO usually accepts different payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal and Payment in advance. More detailed information about the accepted payment methods can be found on the BOXIO website

How long does the shipping take?

Although the majority of our individual parts come from suppliers in Germany, the parts also have to be produced there. For our washbasin insert, for example, a large sheet of recycled plastic is heated and pulled over a mold with a vacuum. Then the plastic has to cool down and then be cut, milled, inspected and packaged. Once all the individual parts have arrived in Rostock, we inspect them, store them and then pack them together to form your order.

What we want to say: Although your BOXIO - WASH is made in Germany, this manufacturing is a process that is mostly done by humans and takes time.

We all know how annoying it is for you that your order may arrive later than you expected!
We do our best to make sure you get your order as soon as possible.

What are the shipping costs

For orders under $250, shipping costs $15.
From an order value of $250 we ship free of charge.

Can I cancel my order after I have placed it?

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to cancel your order with BOXIO after you have placed it. However, it is important to request this from customer service as soon as possible, as orders that have already been processed or shipped cannot always be canceled.

How does the return process work at BOXIO?

The general time limits for withdrawal apply. After receiving your BOXIO products you have 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal and another 14 days to return the products to us.

If you have ordered directly in the BOXIO store, you can you can contact our customer service by mail.

NOTE: Unfortunately we cannot cover the costs for the return label. The costs will be deducted from your refund.

In order for us to refund you the full purchase price, your return must come back to us in perfect condition.

Hygiene & Care

How do I take care of my BOXIO-WASH properly?

The surfaces of the BOXIO-WASH can be wiped with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh detergents or rough sponges, as they may damage the surface.

How do I clean the urine canister properly?

To clean the urine canister, rinse it thoroughly after each use. Use warm water and mild detergent to clean the canister. Then allow it to dry thoroughly before reinserting it into the BOXIO-TOILET.

How do I clean my BOXIO-TOILET properly?

To clean your BOXIO-TOILET properly, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions. As a rule, you can wipe the surfaces of the toilet with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh detergents or rough sponges to avoid scratches. For the toilet bowl and seat, you can also use mild detergents such as BOXIO - CLEAN an ecological universal cleaning concentrate.

Can I dispose of my menstrual products in the BOXIO?

BOXIO does not provide a special disposal option for menstrual products such as tampons or pads. It should be noted that after disposing of tampons or pads in the solid waste container, the contents are no longer compostable. It is recommended that they be disposed of according to standard sanitary product disposal methods. However, disposing of the contents of menstrual cups in the urine canister is not a problem.

Product questions

How compatible are BOXIO Euroboxes with other Euroboxes?

The BOXIO system is based on Euroboxes from the manufacturer AUER. Not all Euroboxes are compatible with each other, as there may be different sizes and designs. It is recommended to use BOXIO Euroboxes with other boxes from the same manufacturer to ensure optimal fit and function.

Can I also install the water pump system in a permanently installed van kitchen?

The BOXIO water pumping system is specifically designed for the BOXIO-TOILET and BOXIO-WASH. It cannot be guaranteed to work properly in a fixed van kitchen or other context. It is recommended to use the water pumping system according to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations in conjunction with the BOXIO products

How do I set up my BOXIO-TOILET?

Here you can download the manual for BOXIO - TOILET: Instruction BOXIO - TOILET

How do I set up my BOXIO-WASH?

Here you can download the manual for BOXIO - WASH: Instruction WASH - TOILET

How resilient are the Euro boxes from BOXIO?

BOXIO's Euro boxes usually have a load capacity of 150-200 kg. This means that they are designed to safely carry this weight load. Make sure that the boxes are used properly to avoid damage.

Returns and exchange

Can I buy spare parts? 

We offer the possibility to buy spare parts.

For other parts you should contact the customer service directly to find out if and how you can buy parts. The customer service can give you information about availability, prices and ordering process.

What are the terms for returns and exchanges?

If you have ordered directly in the BOXIO store, you can order your return in our returns portal and receive the return label afterwards.

The general time limits for revocation apply. After receiving your BOXIO products you have 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal and another 14 days to return the products to us.

As soon as we have received your return, we will check it for completeness and intactness as soon as possible and refund the purchase price via the payment option used at the time of purchase.
You should receive your money back no later than 5 days after we receive your return.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of the return label.

Will I receive a refund or replacement if the product is damaged or defective?

It is important to report this to BOXIO customer service as soon as possible and possibly provide proof photos or a description of the damage. Customer service will guide you through the return process and provide you with refund or replacement information.