Reviews and tests of the BOXIO - TOILET

Welcome to our dedicated section for reviews and tests of the BOXIO composting toilet, the ultimate solution for eco-conscious individuals seeking sustainable sanitation options. In this space, you'll discover a handpicked collection of YouTube video reviews from leading content creators who share a passion for green living and innovative eco-products. Experience the BOXIO composting toilet through their detailed analyses, practical demonstrations, and honest feedback. Ideal for anyone from the eco-friendly homeowner to the off-grid adventurer, these reviews provide valuable insights into how the BOXIO composting toilet can transform your approach to waste management. Dive in now to find out why the BOXIO composting toilet is a key player in promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Nomad Brad

@nomadbrad50317.200 Abonnenten

Brad tells us about his first toilet system in 5 years. Everything about the advantages he experienced you will see here:


Moose Henderson Photography

@MooseHendersonPhotography6340 Abonnenten

Moose is a professional wildlife photographer living full time in a 16 foot Casita Fiberglass Travel Trailer. He shares his adventures and travels on this channel along with a healthy amount of teaching and a few equipment reviews. 

See his frist Impression here: 

Review after 6 Months: 



@spirit5_of_adventure1590 Abonnenten

Kath & Andy travelling in our VW 4WD T5.1 throughout Europe and Scandinavia and loving life.

"If you are looking for a composting toilet for your camper van that is good for the environment then check out this video. Not only does it not use chemicals or water, it is far easier to empty and clean than a conventional cassette toilet."


Have Gadgets Will Travel

@HaveGadgetsWillTravel-zv3xc41 Abonnenten


Whitewater Vans

@whitewatervans1450 Abonnenten

Wild camping & the thing with the toilet

How do you do it with the toilet? This question is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions that Anna from reiselustig receives. The issue of going to the toilet while wild camping is definitely one, as you can easily see from the mountains of toilet paper on some sites.

However, it is not so easy to stow a toilet in their mini camper Hedwig. Therefore Anna was very happy to be allowed to test the BOXIO - TOILET.

Here you can find her report.


BOXIO - Dry separation toilet in the Micro Camper?

There is no room for it! Jochen from spike05 thought the same until now. Most solutions he could not have integrated in his camper. Especially the height was always a criterion.

Fortunately, he came across BOXIO, which fits exactly in his vehicle and has tested it extensively.

Here you can find his results.


BOXIO - The separation toilet for all

Peter from is a passionate camper. To be a little easier on the road, but for him does not mean to be uncomfortable on the road.

There is always the somewhat vexed topic "toilet". In his opinion, you should go to a real toilet, but in any case not the forest with their legacies "gladden".

Here you can find his practical experiences with BOXIO.


Does it really work with the separation toilet?

Marianne and Markus from had a chemical toilet in their camper for a few years. It is important for the two to have a practicable toilet with them.

After seeing a dry toilet at their friends, Markus started researching. Thereby he came across our BOXIO separation toilet. During their two-week trip they took a close look at it.

Here you can find their practical experiences with BOXIO.