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Behind BOXIO is the team from Duschkraft GmbH, founded in 2017 in beautiful Rostock.

With our BOXIO products, we want to offer you environmentally friendly camping accessories at a fair price. Due to the BOX format, our products are particularly practical, can be stacked well and are easy to transport. We want to keep the environmental impact as low as possible through regional production in Rostock with recycled materials.

Our customer promise:

sustainable and recycled
A long service life and short delivery routes make BOXIO sustainable. In addition, the boxes are made from recycled plastic.

lightweight and stackable
The compact size and low weight make BOXIO the ideal travel companion. All boxes are stackable and made of robust plastic.

How did BOXIO come about?

It all started in 2017:

In 2017 Arvid started to build his own construction trailer on a simple chassis. In about a year and a half he built such a wonderful tiny house for his family. He was always inspired by the "Inventions instead of waste" series of magazines and this is how he came up with the idea of ​​building a composting toilet for his site trailer.

Unfortunately, at that time there were only a few suppliers who offered prices above 500 euros for complicated kits. That was too expensive for him and he decided to build his own separate toilet and was the proud owner of a self-built house with a self-built toilet.

2020: The community garden without a sewage connection

The community garden where Arvid gardens with friends never had a proper toilet either. At first it didn't feel like a problem, but it quickly became clear that "no toilet" can't be a good solution in the long run. However, since there was still no sensible urine-diverting toilet on the market from his point of view, he decided to build his second composting toilet

2021: Start of development

In the spring of 2021 it was clear: We use our know-how in product development and design our own urine-diverting toilet.

Our claim: handy format, environmentally friendly and all at a fair price. But as always in life, the devil was in the details.

With our claim to a product that should meet all these requirements, we have developed a wide variety of prototypes with three engineers and various suppliers. Our friends were allowed to do countless business on the prototypes until we finally developed the perfect format and accessories for you!


Since April 2022: production & shipping

In April 2022 the time had finally come: together with a large logistics partner in Rostock and our numerous German suppliers, we have set up a stable production line for our products and can now finally ship our customers' orders. Due to the generally tense delivery situation in all areas, there are unfortunately always unforeseeable delivery bottlenecks at the moment, but we are getting better and better and are working flat out to deliver to all customers as quickly as possible.


With this logo we want to show that we are a customer of the Grüner Punkt - System of Germany and that we are fulfilling our obligations to participate in the system under the Packaging Act.
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